Cleanliness tests

Qualification and improvement of vacuum properties

UHV analysis facilities

To optimise and qualify the vacuum properties, PINK has further pumping stations that can be used for baking purposes. In combination with circulating air ovens, UHV and XHV chambers can be baked out at up to 300 °C. Desorption rates can be significantly improved particularly at higher bake-out temperatures.

The possible vacuum qualifications include the measurement of final pressure, residual gas analysis, measurement of the desorption rate and a He integral leak test.

Hypermodern cleanroom with RGA chamber

Components for UHV and XHV facilities, as used in the semiconductor industry, particle accelerators and space simulations, call for special quality controls. For this, PINK has developed a new ultra-high vacuum system integrated in the cleanroom. By using the highly sensitive quadrupole mass spectrometer inbuilt into the system, component purity/cleanliness can be qualified with the aid of a residual gas analyser (RGA). Residual gases with masses of 1-512 u can be automatically measured and documented and desorption rate measurements can be conducted and assessed.

By baking out the chamber to 110 °C, a base pressure of = 5 x 10-9 mbar is achieved. On request, components can also be baked out under inert gas to up to 110 °C. This additional cleaning step yields a reduction in the component desorption rate.

For the next stage of analysis chamber upgrading, the plans envisage the integration of plasma cleaning in addition. With this new cleanroom strategy, PINK sets standards in cleaning and qualification.

A peculiarity of this cleanroom is its integrated, jacket-heated UHV residual gas analysis chamber measuring Ø 1.8 m x 2.7 m with a volume of 7.7 m³.