Cleanroom services

Cleanroom services to individual customer requirement

Hypermodern cleanroom surfaces and systems

Complex and highly sensitive subassemblies, modules and structures, e.g. in electron microscopy, aerospace, semiconductor technology and lithography, call for extremely clean parts and particle-free cleanroom assembly.

To satisfy the customer’s high expectations of purity and cleanliness and associated quality targets, PINK built a new hall containing highly advanced cleanrooms on a footprint of over 1,600 m² at the beginning of 2014. 

In two cleanroom areas, which are independent of each other and certified to DIN EN ISO 14644-1, there are clean rooms of ISO Class 6 and 7 as well as preparation areas of ISO Class 8.

All the cleanrooms are fully air-conditioned, equipped with air locks for materials and personnel and subject to stringent cleanliness regulations and access authorisations. With the aid of the very latest measuring instruments, particle-freedom in the air and on the surface is constantly monitored and controlled in order to ensure ultraclean conditions.

With its cleanroom services, PINK offers a comprehensive package comprising everything from cleaning and assembly through to packaging.

This vacuum cleaning and drying unit developed by PINK is designed for fully automatic operation.

Meticulous cleaning

Various cleaning sections have been created at PINK, starting with wet cleaning. These include ultrasonic baths, a hot steam device, twin front-loading washing machine with drying and a fully automated vacuum, cleaning and drying unit with an air lock function.

Throughout the washing area, flushing and cleaning are performed exclusively with osmosis water from our own reprocessing plant. After wet and final cleaning with various cleaning agents and special processes (e.g. vacuum drying, baking out etc.), the components are subjected to high-accuracy inspections and controls for particulate emission limit values.

Cleanroom assembly services

If desired by the customer, PINK provides a wide range of cleanroom assembly services. This range includes the assembly of components, modules and complete systems, mainly in the vacuum technology sector.

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Packaging in a cleanroom

In order to ensure continued cleanliness during the transport process, the cleaned products are then carefully packaged in antistatic LDPE pouches or films and labelled. At PINK, all cleanroom process steps are conducted exclusively by skilled staff.

Particle-freedom is checked among other things with UV white and black light systems.

Hypermodern cleanroom with RGA chamber

Components for UHV and XHV facilities, as used in the semiconductor industry, particle accelerators and space simulations, call for special quality controls. For this, PINK has developed a new ultra-high vacuum system. With a highly sensitive quadrupole mass spectrometer inbuilt in the system and a residual gas analyser (RGA), individual masses of 1-512 amu can be automatically measured and documented and desorption rate measurements can be conducted and assessed.

By baking out the chamber to 110 °C, a base pressure of = 5 x 10-9 mbar is achieved. In addition to the qualification of cleaning, the highly sensitive mass spectrometer also permits the qualification of a wide range of components, e.g. for lithography.

For the next stage of analysis chamber upgrading, the plans envisage the integration of plasma cleaning in addition. With this new cleanroom strategy, PINK sets standards in cleaning and qualification.

A peculiarity of this cleanroom is its integrated, jacket-heated UHV residual gas analysis chamber measuring Ø 1.8 m x 2.7 m with a volume of 7.7 m³.