Company history

2020Initial start-up of new cleanroom plant and climate-controlled CNC-machining site
2019Start of construction works for two new production halls
2016PINK GmbH Vakuumtechnik celebrates its 30th company anniversary with a customer day and a family event for the employees
2014Friedrich Pink becomes Supervisory Board Chairman of PINK GmbH Vakuumtechnik and hands over management to Hubert L. Günther (commercial) and Volker Heidinger (technical)
2013Commissioning of the new Classes 5 and 7 cleanrooms and of Class 8 preparation areas conforming to DIN EN ISO 14644-1
2012Opening of the new training centre
2011Further extension of the building at Reinhardshof to include production Hall IV
PINK GmbH Vakuumtechnik celebrates its 25th company anniversary
2010PINK GmbH Plasma-finish merges with PINK GmbH Thermosysteme
2009PINK GmbH Thermosysteme takes over the soldering systems product sector from PINK GmbH Vakuumtechnik
2007Extension of the building at Reinhardshof to include a new production hall
Acquisition of a majority interest in Plasma-finish GmbH in Schwedt
Renamed PINK GmbH Plasma-finish
2002Occupation of new production building at the Wertheim-Reinhardshof location
2000Construction of a cleanroom for particle-free assembly at the Wertheim-Eichel location
1996Addition of an office extension
1992Spin-off of the Drying and Process Engineering Division
Founding of PINK GmbH Thermosysteme (construction of new Hall III)
1989Addition of Hall II in Bestenheid
1986Founding of PINK GmbH Vakuumtechnik by Friedrich Pink (new building in Wertheim-Bestenheid)