Medical technology

Ultra-high vacuum systems for treatment and diagnostics

With full mastery of accelerator technology, PINK manufactures UHV components for cutting-edge institutions in medicine and research. The product spectrum extends from dipole, quadrupole and sextupole chambers and diagnostic chambers and elements through to IH structures. Among other things, PINK has produced key components of the accelerator ring and the interdigital H-field structure for the ion beam treatment unit of Heidelberg's University Clinic (HIT).

This therapy unit is the first of its kind in Europe. This is where malignant tumours can be precision-irradiated with heavy ions or protons. Unique worldwide is the therapy centre's rotating-beam guide. At HIT, globally unprecedented precision in the three-dimensional irradiation of tumours is achieved with a special irradiation method known as the intensity-modulated raster scan technique.

PINK is the pioneer of ultra-high vacuum systems for ion beam treatment accelerators.