Quality tests

Testing of dimensional accuracy, surface quality etc.

Before delivery, all components have to undergo our production-independent quality assurance. The quality test involves a target/performance comparison showing to what extent products actually satisfy the demanded quality standards.

Surface crack testing

Surface crack testing is used for the reliable, non-destructive testing of materials for flaws with dye penetrant testing, magnetic flux leakage methods or even eddy current crack testing.

Stage 2 visual inspection to DIN EN ISO 9712

A visual inspection involves the localisation and assessment of surface-related quality features such as deviation in shape, flaws or the surface quality of a product with the human eye or by using optical aids (e.g. magnifying glass, microscope, endoscope etc.).

Permeability measurement

Where demanded, PINK measures the permeability µr which describes a material’s magnetic conductivity.

Measuring room

PINK has a temperature-controlled measuring room equipped with two high-performance ZEISS measuring machines inclusive of Calypso software and three FARO measurement arms. Thanks to the regular training (ZEISS) and testing (AUKOM) of our employees, we uphold consistently high product quality.

Measuring equipment

  • ZEISS measuring machines with work volumes of 2,000 x 1,000 x 800 mm (ZEISS Prismo) and 500 x 500 x 500 mm (ZEISS DuraMax)
  • Faro arms (EDGE) for high-speed measuring tasks (spherical work volume: 2,700 mm).

For rapid mapping of the geometry of components, PINK has three FARO measurement arms.

The temperature-controlled PINK measuring room is equipped with two highly advanced, high-performance ZEISS measuring machines and the associated CALYPSO software.