Quality management

Our quality policy

The management of PINK GmbH Vakuumtechnik has committed itself to a quality policy and pursues it as an integral component of its company policy. In its core statement, it defines the company’s claim in terms of the quality of its products and services towards its customers, employees, suppliers and owners. It is summarised in the following principles:

I. The targets of our quality management system are obligatory for all employees.

II. It is our goal and intention to satisfy the customer with user-oriented, innovative and sound technical solutions and immaculate products.

III. The claim to quality is supported by all employees at all levels and in all areas of the company and does not end at the limits of their respective duties.

IV. All employees are committed to constantly improve our products, processes and services while preventing or minimising harm to the environment.

V. Quality defects are identified as early as possible, eliminated without delay and prevented by the established control loops.

VI. With cooperative and trusting cooperation with suppliers and partners, we wish to building up lasting and stable business relations that ensure an unbroken standard of quality transcending company boundaries.

VII. Our reputation in the marketplace acquired on the basis of the high standard of quality promotes our company’s standing in the long term while safeguarding jobs and business success.

VIII. By using resources (water, air, raw materials and energy) prudently, we wish to ease the pressure on scarce natural resources and not unnecessarily diminish them.

IX. We make efforts to ensure that all our employees behave in accordance with the requirements of occupational safety & health and accident prevention. The Occupation Safety & Health Officer provides assistance with all issues of occupational safety & health and accident prevention.

The principles of quality policy must be known throughout the company. They, too, are subject to an on-going monitoring and adjustment process in the course of a periodical management review.