Environmental management

Environmental management

We at PINK attach great importance to treating the environment kindly and taking ecological factors into account. We thus make efforts, for instance, to continuously improve our environment-friendly production processes.

Our special focus in the development of environment-friendly products is on reducing the energy consumed during the production of our equipment and systems in order to conserve resources. In addition, we insist at the development stage (design) on not using environmentally harmful or unsafe materials or resources. We mainly process high-grade stainless steels and also, for example, solvent-free paints.

In our production processes we take pains to minimise wastage and residues. The cooling fluids used on our machines are regularly checked for concentration, pH and nitrite value so that suitable corrective action can be taken if limit values are exceeded. Old cooling fluids and oils are collected in special containers and properly disposed of by authorised companies.

Our new production facilities have been built to the latest state of technology. This means that substantial resource-conserving energy savings have thus been achieved in terms of heating, lighting, ventilation and production installations. Our workplaces are in line with the latest findings concerning the reduction of noise and vibration and offer outstanding standards of hygiene. All employees have a skin protection programme at their disposal.

At all production and administration locations, the waste and residues generated undergo pure-grade sorting and are collected and properly disposed of or recycled. Our purchasing department is instructed to purchase environment-friendly office supplies and consumables. Recyclable materials are used for the packaging of our products.