UHV technology

Key ultra-high vacuum element (UHV and XHV)

Tailor-made components and systems for research and development

In many sectors of R&D, extremely clean environments are required. Since even the constituents of the air can hamper research projects, experiments and processes are conducted in vacuum chambers in which pressures of less than 10-9 mbar are typically generated.

Semiconductors, nanostructuring, particle experiments, spectroscopy, and surface and coating processes are just a selection of the varied fields handled by our customers.

For the task in question, PINK produces tailor-made components and systems. The range of activities extends from vacuum chambers into which the customer integrates his experimental set-up himself to fully automated systems.

Over many years, PINK has acquired specialised knowledge of the realisation of vacuum components. We are happy to allow our customers to benefit from this knowledge in consultations with them in order to develop the best-possible solution for their projects.

This experimental chamber for the DynaMax project (BESSY II) with DN 800/850 COF and DN 160 CF rotary feedthroughs is intended for basic research with the aid of time-resolved experiments in the 100 fs range (angle resolution of the rotary feedthrough: ≤ 0.001° per motor step).

X-Y-Z manipulator with a differentially pumped rotary feedthrough for the positioning of samples in an ultra-high vacuum. The positions of the axes are read by encoders.