Codex of conduct

Codex of conduct

PINK GmbH Vakuumtechnik is committed to conducting its business in an ecologically and ethically responsible manner. Our working conditions ensure that our workers are treated with respect and dignity and that their safety is guaranteed.

This Code sets out binding rules that must be observed by every employee of PINK GmbH Vakuumtechnik. Every employee can contact his or her superior or the management at any time with questions and information in connection with this Code. Retaliation of any kind will not be tolerated unless an untrue fact is deliberately alleged.

In detail:

A. Human Rights

We are committed to upholding the human rights of workers and treating them with dignity and respect. This applies to our permanent employees as well as to student workers, temporary workers, contract workers and other workers.

We pay particular attention to this:

1.) Protection of minors
No children under the age of 15 are employed nor children for whom schooling is compulsory in the respective country of the place of employment. In particular, workers under the age of 18 must not perform hazardous work that may endanger their health and safety.

2.) Free choice of employment
No forced labor or labor based on human trafficking shall be used. This includes all forms of slavery, slave-like practices, or oppression.

3.) Wages and benefits
The remuneration paid to workers comply with all relevant laws of the place of employment. All laws on minimum wage, overtime and social benefit laws.

4.) No Discrimination
We are committed to not tolerating any unlawful discrimination in employment or in our workplaces. There is no unequal treatment, for example on the basis of national or ethnic origin, social origin, health status, disability, sexual orientation, age, gender, political opinion, religion or belief, unless this is justified by the requirements of the employment.

5.) Workers' Rights
We respect the right of employees to exercise their labour rights under local laws in the place of employment. Workers are able to communicate openly with management and raise ideas and concerns about working conditions and management practices without fear of repercussion. In particular, we respect freedom of association and the effective recognition of our employees' right to collective bargaining.

B. Occupational safety

We are aware of our responsibility to provide a safe and healthy working environment and are committed to maintaining appropriate standards.

The health and safety standards are:

1.) Safety at work
Necessary precautionary measures are taken against accidents and health hazards that may arise in connection with the work by establishing and applying appropriate occupational safety systems. Potential safety risks to our workforce are regularly identified and assessed. We emphasise high safety standards with regard to the workplace, workstation and work equipment.

2.) Working hours
Working hours do not exceed the maximum number of hours applicable under local law. Excessive physical or mental fatigue is prevented by appropriate measures.

3.) Training and instruction of employees
Emergency response processes and training of emergency plans are in place. Emergency drills are conducted in accordance with local laws.
Employees receive information as well as training on workplace safety.


It is our conviction that the responsible treatment of the environment is an integral part of manufacturing products of the highest quality. We are committed to protecting our environment as a corporate goal and declare the resource-saving manufacture of our products to be a production factor to be taken into account.

To this end, we implement the following environmental standards:

1.) Protection of the environment
We protect our environment, use all natural resources sparingly and avoid or reduce burdens on people and nature as far as possible.

2.) Environmentally friendly production
We take the requirements of an intact environment into account in the development and design, in the manufacturing process, in the packaging and shipping of our products as well as in the improvement of processes and the introduction of new equipment and products.

3.) Disposal of waste
When disposing of waste, we choose the most environmentally friendly disposal method that is justifiable from an economic point of view. Should any incidents occur that may result in environmental pollution, the responsible departments of our company must be informed immediately and comprehensively. All legally required notifications to the authorities are made.

D. Social Obligation

We stand by our social obligations and adhere to appropriate ethical standards.
These include:

1.) Business Integrity
The highest standards of integrity shall be applied in all business activities.
A zero tolerance policy is applied to all forms of corruption, extortion and embezzlement.

2.) Ban on taking improper advantage
Bribes or any other means of obtaining an improper or inappropriate advantage will not be offered or accepted.

3.) Fair business and fair competition
The standards of fair business and fair competition shall be observed.

4.) Privacy
We are aware of our responsibility to protect private information.
This applies our business partners as well as to our employees.
All applicable laws on data protection and information security are observed.

5.) Our contractual partners
We expect our contractual partners to commit to the principles of our Code at least to the same extent.