Leak test systems

Individual helium leak test systems to customer specification

On the basis of its comprehensive vacuum technology expertise, PINK develops and produces tailor-made leak test systems and modular standard systems to customer requirement.

These systems are distinguished by their high functional reliability, as they exclude environmental influences, perform continuous self-monitoring and monitor all mechanical movements. The use of specially tested components for high switching frequency and enhanced stressing also enhances reliability.

PINK leak test systems have a fully automatic control of compliance with the guaranteed leak rates and fully automatic calibration and checking of the system’s measuring equipment.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, the systems can be designed for partially or fully automatic operation. Thanks to individual system adjustment to the test specimens, very high clock rates can be achieved.

System advantages

  • Helium leak rates up to 10-8 mbar l/sec
  • Test pressure up to 300 bar
  • Guaranteed compliance with measuring equipment capabilities
  • High precision even in extreme environmental conditions
  • Clock time reserves for additional measuring methods (e.g. flow sensors, moisture sensors etc.)
  • Extension to include gas mixing station and test gas recovery systems possible
  • Partially or fully automated with robot loading/materials flow integration
  • Programmable logic controller, visualisation and data documentation
  • Remote maintenance and 24 h support

Customised system with 3 test chambers. Clock time: 6 specimens per minute during fully automatic checking of test gas concentration and adjustment of test parameters.

Customised system with 1400 litre chamber, fully automatic test gas control, system calibration, clock time: 35 seconds.

Pressure and leak test systems for testing at 25 bar of gas-insulated components up to 1600 litre volume for high-voltage switchgear.