HV high-temperature soldering

Special joining technology: high-temperature precision soldering under high vacuum

HV vertical soldering oven

PINK GmbH Vakuumtechnik has special skills in the field of high-temperature soldering. PINK has developed and built HV vertical soldering ovens for the two particle accelerator projects SwissFEL and FAIR. These are used for joining together very long and complex structures and different combinations of materials with high precision.

One of the company’s own ovens has 5 heating zones and permits a uniform temperature distribution over its full length and the setting of different temperature zones. Under customer contract, it can be used for soldering and annealing components up to a size of Ø 400 x H 3,500 mm and a weight of 350 kg at a temperature of max. 1,200 °C and a base pressure of 1·10-5 mbar. Depending on requirements, different process gases (e.g. Ar, He, N2) can also be admitted.

High-temperature vacuum ovens

PINK has two high-temperature vacuum ovens that permit working temperatures of up to 1,500 °C and are designed for loads of up to 300 kg. These ovens are suitable for a wide range of soldering requirements, e.g. the joining of different special materials (copper, stainless steels, ceramic compounds etc.) and the simultaneous soldering of several parts, multiple faces and other complex geometries. Vacuum-tight, thin-walled soldered joints on thick-walled components are just as possible as the soldering of very poorly accessible areas.

High temperature HV oven

  • Chamber dimensions (WxHxL): 720 x 540 x 1,250 mm
  • Soldering processes, e.g. Ag/Au/Pd/Ni-based.


High-temperature HV degassing soldering chamber

  • Chamber dimensions (WxHxL): Ø 400 x H 700 mm
  • 3 heating zones
  • Molybdenum rope heating up to 1,500 °C
  • AL2O3 soldered joints.

A view inside a HV cold-wall oven: molybdenum radiant heating elements permit process temperatures of up to 1,200 °C; the base pressure of 1x10-5 mbar is generated with the aid of a totally oil-free system.

This high-temperature HV soldering chamber is equipped with a molybdenum rope heater and is therefore suitable for absolutely clean processes. If required, the soldering and heat treatment can take place in a single work cycle to make the process especially cost-effective.